Business and Employment Law
for Today’s Marketplace

A Different kind of law firm

At the Hisel Law Firm, we focus on two things: Business Law and Labor/Employment Law.

What makes us different? Actual, real-world experience in Human Resources combined with elite training and skills honed as a Labor and Employment Attorney for a global law firm. We’ve been in the trenches in the business world and it makes us uniquely qualified to guide employers and business owners in maintaining workplace productivity, avoiding litigation, and engaging in practical and proven strategies that enhance the bottom line.

At the Hisel Law Firm, our long term relationship with you is of utmost importance. We take the time to learn you and your business to best shape our advice on all aspects of the employment relationship and to best formulate strategies for commercial litigation by providing the highest caliber of legal representation with the flexible, efficient, economical, and personalized service characteristic of a niche firm.

“...substantive expert in labor and employment law … with a reputation for paying close attention to providing cost-effective and efficient legal services regardless of the size or complexity of the matter.”

Manuel Pelaez-Prada

Former Senior Counsel, Toyota

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